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 Polished Concrete Flooring FAQ

What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is a process of mechanically processing concrete to maximum refinement throughout each process to create a multitude of different appearances.  Including many enhancing option such as; dyes, borders, and stencils.

Why should I polish my concrete?

Concrete polishing has a lower total cost savings over life of floor compared to other commercial and industrial flooring. Concrete polishing is also low maintenance and it will transform dull, lifeless concrete into a highly reflective surface. The Concrete polishing system can increase your ambient lighting by 30%.


Does having polished concrete help me avoid any future costs such as maintenance and cleaning?

Yes, Concrete Polishing is a low maintenance solution.


How long does it take to complete the typical concrete polishing project?

Both residential and commercial projects depend on the overall size of the job and other details such as:

                          - Amount of repairs

                          - Level of aggregate exposure

                          - Level of sheen

                          - Addition of dyes or other decorative enhancements 

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