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Concrete Polishing

Amazing shine

Concrete polishing is a economical and ecological flooring solution. The multi-step process, utilizes grinders equipped with diamonds to renew any concrete surface by increasing its aesthetic beauty and durability while minimizing total cost and maintenance. Concrete polishing transforms your floor without the use of topical coatings, minimizing cleaning and increasing ambient lighting by up to 30%, reducing lighting costs.

How is it done?

Grinding plates with metal bonded diamonds are used for the removal of construction debris (drywall splatter, paint, topical stains, etc.), helping to level the floor and remove minor surface imperfections. Surface preparation is the most important step of the transformation process. Next, an application of a hardening solution dust proofs and hardens the surface. With multiple grinding steps, the pores of the concrete begin to close, revealing a light sheen. The process continues with fine grits until the level of shine desired is achieved.


Upon completion of the process, the floors can be immediately put back into use.



How is it ecological?

Concrete polishing is a long-term solution that transforms your dull, lifeless concrete floor into a highly reflective, durable surface. The process does not use any harmful chemicals, coatings, or VOC's (volatile organic compounds).

How does it help in cleaning and maintenance?

Concrete polishing transforms your floor without the use of topical coatings. It is more dense, abrasion resistant, and minimizes cleaning requirements by inhibiting oil, water & other substances from penetration as well as eliminating dusting and tire marks.

Beautiful, brilliant shine without waxing!

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