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Our Services.

Resinous Epoxy Floor Coatings
& Urethane Cements

Resinous epoxy floor coatings and urethane cements have a wide variety of functional and decorative applications. It not only replaces your old or new concrete surface with a complementary style matching your home or workplace but also makes it far stronger and easier to maintain. You can be sure that your concrete will add value and beauty to your project. 

  • Body Shops

  • Interior hallways & entryways

  • Service Centers

  • Industrial Floors

  • Garage Bays

  • Commercial and residential kitchens

  • Medical facilities

Personalized with logos, innovative designs and textures embedded to match the décor of your home or facility.

Dyes & Stains

Stains or dyes are a great way to accent a concrete floor. Dyes can be used during the polishing process. The coloring process can be customized to fit any designer’s taste. From a subtle one color application to a more intricate, multiple color design, we can create a floor that complements any environment.

Concrete Countertops
Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing produces a brilliant surface with resistance to abrasion, oil, water and other substances. The applications for polished concrete are numerous. Some ideas on how our concrete polishing system can add value to your business or home include:

  • Manufacturing facility floors

  • Warehouses

  • Large commercial outlets

  • Department stores

  • Office spaces

  • Restaurants

  • Residential

  • Showroom floors

  • Laboratories

  • Commercial or refrigerated storage

Basically, anywhere you have concrete, you can apply our system to strengthen and reduce maintenance on your old dull surface, replacing it with a beautiful shine that you will be proud of.

Joint Filling & Sealants

Artistic Concrete has you covered for all of your joint filling needs whether it is interior or exterior, and decorative or functional.  We have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to seal/fill your concrete control joints, expansion joints, or any other type of crack or joint you may need sealed. We install epoxy joint fillers, polyurea fillers, and polyurethane sealants.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete countertops appeal to anyone who want unique, hand-crafted and personalized countertops added to their home or business. Unlike factory-made countertops, concrete countertops are created specifically for each owner, customized in shape, size, color, and finish.  Example ideas for home and business include:

  • Kitchen Countertops

  • Bathroom Countertops

  • Bar Counters

  • Outdoors Concrete Countertops

Concrete overlays add an appealing decorative look by repairing and refinishing existing concrete or by creating a custom design for new concrete. Concrete overlays are an option for interior and exterior concretes and with it's wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and design options, your concrete will be one of a kind.

Concrete Densifiers/Sealers

Concrete sealers penetrate the concrete surface and undergo a chemical reaction that turns the concrete substrate into a hardened, densified, waterproof mass. Floor hardeners and densifiers are specialized reactive chemicals that penetrate concrete surfaces to seal, densify and harden the concrete. This process also locks in the salts in concrete to create a surface that will not dust.

These highly durable finishes resists tire marking and will not blush, peel or flake away. As well as producing a floor that is resistant to traffic, the floor actually self polishes rather than eroding over time.

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