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Dyes & Stains

Concrete Acid Staining

Stains or dyes are a great way to accent a concrete floor and can be used during the polishing process. The coloring process can be customized to fit any designer’s taste. From a subtle one color application to a more intricate, multiple color design, we can create a floor that complements any environment. Beauty and durability, at a price more competitive than terrazzo, marble or slate.

Dyes utilize water, solvents, or densifiers to carry the dye into the concrete matrix, penetrating the surface. Stains differ and are chemically reactive with calcium hydroxide in the concrete to create a varying range of colors.

Regular maintenance generally involves periodic dust or damp mopping. The amount of floor traffic will determine the frequency of the application of floor polish or sealers.

Your options of stains and dyes can be executed on interior and exterior floors.

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