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Resinous Epoxy Floor Coatings & Urethane Cements

Epoxy/Urethane Coatings

Resinous flooring is a clean, durable and attractive industrial strength coating for business and industrial uses. Applied right over existing concrete, coatings not only make the surface stronger than plain concrete, but is formulated to withstand heavy use and harsh chemicals. Its versatility makes it ideal for car showrooms, warehouse floors, factories, reception areas, grocery stores, shop floors and similar applications. It adds to the concretes overall levels of tensile, flexural and compressive strength.  The decorative capabilities are endless offering many different color and design options. Coatings offer the appearance of simple solid pigment floors to flake, quartz, and metallic floors.

Coatings can be applied over most porous materials such as concrete, wood, metal in special situations, DuraRock, etc. We focus on detailed preparation of the substrate because it's critical to producing a quality, longlastings, finished product. This is a very important step. Once the coating is applied to the surface (on average it takes 1 to 3 days) the flooring can be put into use in as little as 12 hours.

The surface should not show wear providing that the top coat is replaced as wear occurs. Typically, this is 3 to 7 years under normal conditions. As long as the top coat is in good condition and undamaged any wear will be absorbed by this protective coating. We offer a wide range of sealers to protect your floor from bleach, muriatic acid, chlorine, grease, oil, UV degradation. 



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