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Dyes & Stains FAQ

How do stains and dyes differ?

Dyes are nonreactive and impart color by penetrating the concrete by using a carrier such as solvents, water or densifiers. Their ease of use, extensive variety and vibrancy of color has made them very popular.

Stains which react chemically with the calcium hydroxide in concrete allows it to penetrate into the concrete. Stains can be applied to most existing or new concrete, creating a variety of modeled appearances.

What special effects are possible with stained/dyed concrete?

Depending on the color and application techniques used, stained/dyed concrete can be made to mimic everything from polished marble to natural stone or even stained wood.

Will the color fade?

Because stains/dyes penetrate into the concrete surface, their color is durable and long-lasting. Dependent on the environment, and maintenance and care in which the stained/dyed concrete is placed determines the longevity of the product.

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