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Epoxy Coating FAQ

Why should I put down an epoxy surface?

With an epoxy surface the concrete is increased in strength, resists stains from oil,  grease, rust, protects from salt and brine intrusion, and provides a smoother surface, which is easier to clean all while creating a longer lasting, functional floor.


Why is epoxy better than normal concrete?

Normal concrete can be dusty and porous. An epoxy coating will protect that concrete and greatly increase the ease of cleaning and longevity.


What other benefits does and epoxy surface do for me?

We can make an epoxy surface non-skid to avoid a slippery surface, even when wet. Epoxy coatings can beautify almost any existing interior concrete slab.


How long does it take to complete the typical epoxy project?

Each project depends on size of each job and desired finish and can typically be completed within 3-5 days.


What makes your epoxy surfaces better than the competition?

Artistic Concrete offers quality service and workmanship. The key to this is the initial concrete preparation. To make any concrete coating last the way it should, extra care should be taken to prepare the concrete for the coating. We do not take any short cuts. You only get the best.


Are there times that I can’t put down and epoxy coating (such as winter or after a rain)?

The concrete surface must be dry and above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Concrete must be placed at least 28 days prior to applying an epoxy coating. Many specialty coatings are available for exactly that, special conditions. Contact  us to discuss why our systems will outlast the others.

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